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Desktop Repairs Dumaguete For all your Desktop Repairs. When you are concerned about the current speed of your PC or having unusual popups on your screen call us for a comprehensive test and repair service. Our highly experienced technicians can diagnose and repair any problem you may have. A selection of the most common repairs we conduct is listed below


Windows Operating System not starting
Intermittent freezing
Blue screens (blue screen of death)
Virus and Spyware on your PC
Worried about your banking and other financial details being safe on your PC
Internet and EMail problems
Noisy fans
PC Overheating
Dots on the screen
Insurance Report


For multiple repairs on a single item. For most jobs if a computer is unrepairable, we will return the item without charging a fee. Lastly please note that before you bring in your PC it is a good idea to backup your data. As a result, if you can do this, the repair time will be quicker and cheaper. If you are unable to, we can backup your data for you for an minor fee.