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  • Same Day Service No need to disconnect your device. Our expert technicians will be the one to come to your home or office.
  • 14 Day Work GuaranteeIf it’s not right, we will fix it at our expense without additional pay..
  • Onsite Appointments that suit your busy lifestyle We are available 6 am – 11 pm 7 days a week.
  • We do it all We accept all kinds of electronic devices such as PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and servers.
  • Local Service We have local technicians to cater to all your computer repair needs.
  • Fixed appointment times We value your time, so there is no waiting around!
  • Fast Repairs We have all parts and accessories including new desktops and laptops!
  • Proven Track Record Our years in the business and thousands of satisfied customers guarantee the quality of work we deliver.

Here is a list of common issues we can resolve:

  • Your computer will not turn on or boot into the operating system.
  • Your computer is slow or sluggish.
  • Malware removal including viruses, spyware, pop ups, ransomware and rootkits.
  • Error messages and blue screen of death.
  • Programs are not working properly
  • Your computer will not connect to the internet or wifi problems.
  • Drivers are not loading correctly.
  • Windows updates or other software isn’t updating like it should.
  • Windows administrator password reset.
  • New Operating System reinstall.
  • Desktop want connect to Network.

Here is a list of common issues we can resolve.

  • Broken motherboad or AC adaptor port on the motherboard
  • Battery won’t charge on the laptop anymore
  • Laptop will not connect to the network or internet using network cable or wireless network
  • Laptop will not turn on
  • Laptop will not boot to MacOS screen
  • Hardware error messages and blue screens
  • Laptop overheating and fan problems
  • Slow or sluggish inside MacOS
  • Malware removal including Viruses, Spyware, and Rootkits
  • MacOS Error Messages including Blue Screens
  • Programs are not working properly
  • Laptop will not connect to the internet or network
  • Drivers are not loading correctly
  • Mac isn’t updating like it should
  • MacOS reinstallation


Dumaguete Onsite Computer Repairs
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